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JBL LS120P 400 Watt, 300mm (12") Powered Subwoofer 17.250.000,-

Monitor Audio Silver W12 (Walnut) Five Star Products
Monitor Audio Silver W12 (Walnut) The Silver W12 active subwoofer's 500 watt DSP controlled amplifier utilises advanced switch-mode power conversion techniques and superior processing to increase dynamic control and deliver far greater head-room. A sealed box construction ensures tight, fast and tuneful bass all the way down to a thunderous 22Hz in a typical room set up. 16.500.000,-

Earthquake MiniMe-P12 Produk Diskon
Earthquake MiniMe-P12 Compact & stylish & powerful Minime is a stylish and ultra-compact subwoofer with superb base response. The powerful Class D amplifier coupled with the patented SLAPS enables MiniMe to reproduce frequencies down to 18 Hz. 12.500.000,-

Monitor Audio Bronze W10 (Walnut)
Monitor Audio Bronze W10 (Walnut) 10.250.000,-

MK Sound SB-12 Produk Diskon
MK Sound SB-12 10.000.000,-

Monitor Audio Bronze BXW10 Produk Diskon
Monitor Audio Bronze BXW10 The BXW-10 subwoofer represents a significant step up from its predecessor, the highly regarded BRW10. It's as compact as its forerunner, but more potent in every respect. A new 10" C-CAM driver and 200 watt Class-D power amplifier have been devised in tandem to provide class leading standards of control, speed and punch. Featuring a new, fully integrated switch mode power supply, the new amplifier develops considerably more power than its predecessor, adding grip and clean bass delivery below 30Hz. A range of beautiful vinyl wood finishes provides the superlative looks to complement its accomplished deep bass performance. 9.100.000,-

Earthquake Supernova MKIV-12 Produk Diskon
Earthquake Supernova MKIV-12 The Supernova MKIV Series of powered subwoofers delivers an amazing combination of high performance and efficiency. Its brilliant design overcomes the limitations known from conventional closed and ported designs that prevent radical excursion, deep response and high dB. The active driver used in the MKIV is designed for accurate reproduction of bass and sub-bass frequencies. Its thermally pressed poly-ether foam surround allows high excursion without deformation. The Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System (SLAPS) lets one amplifier produce the output of the woofers, reducing your power consumption and electricity bill. The 450-Watt amplifier has a multitude of user friendly features that put you in control. The MKIV has advanced technology that reproduces low recording at high dB, putting you directly in the center of the movie set. 8.500.000,-

Polk Audio DSW PRO 660 wi Produk Diskon
Polk Audio DSW PRO 660 wi 12-inch High Performance Subwoofer 8.500.000,-

Definitive Technology SuperCube II Produk Diskon
Definitive Technology SuperCube II Huge bass from a 1 cubic foot box! 1250 Watt Class D amplifier. Explosive bass response for movies. Quick, tight accuracy for full music enjoyment. High gloss lacquer finish complements any decor 8.000.000,-

Q Acoustics 3070S(Walnut) Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics 3070S(Walnut) This powerful, 140watts rms, twin 170mm drive unit subwoofer will bring the full explosive majesty of blockbuster movie soundtracks into your living room. Naturally, being a Q Acoustics design, it will also accurately reproduce the fast 'twang' and detail of a double bass or any other low frequency musical notes. That’s why Q Acoustics is your best choice for both music and movies. 7.500.000,-

JBL ES250P Produk Diskon
JBL ES250P Bring your home theater system to life with 400 watts of power, up to 700 watts of peak power and the proprietary JBL® PolyPlas™ woofer. You’ll enjoy unsurpassed low-frequency performance and signature JBL sound. Your favorite movie special effects will have deep, rich, resonant bass and no unwanted distortion or boominess 7.250.000,-

Q Acoustics A1240S
Q Acoustics A1240S 300 watt active subwoofer with a 300 mm driver and signal sensing for automatic power on/off 6.500.000,-

JBL Venue Sub 12 Produk Diskon
JBL Venue Sub 12 JBL Venue Series 12-Inch 500-Watt Subwoofer 6.150.000,-

Q Acoustics 2070 Si Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 2070 Si Unusually at its price level, the Model 2070Si subwoofer is a completely DSP (Digital Signal Processing) driven system with highly efficient class D amplification. However this has meant we have been able to achieve an advanced level of functionality, as well as optimising the sonic performance, by undertaking all filtering and limiting completely in the digital domain. An example is the Speaker Type function switch, which alters the characteristic of the subwoofer's frequency response at the crossover point. This allows the subwoofer to be optimised for use with either ported speakers, like the rest of the Q Acoustics range, or infinite baffle models. 5.900.000,-

Earthquake FF12 Produk Diskon
Earthquake FF12 Earthquake's FF12 subwoofer system was originally designed to offer consumers with budget and volume optimized subwoofer system solutions. Now on its second generation, the FF12 subwoofers still score high marks with custom home installers as they work fantastically in front firing applications. 5.500.000,-

Infinity PS212
Infinity PS212 400 watt Active subwoofer 12" 5.300.000,-

Polk Audio PSW125 Produk Diskon
Polk Audio PSW125 King of the Deep The king of the PSW Series. This subwoofer is the final chapter in bass with its powerful 12" woofer and 150 watt continuous/300 watt peak amplifier. Available in Black or Cherry finish to match your TV and furniture, this woofer rocks. Use two of them if you're really daring or have a large appetite for room shaking lows. Don't let your system stay subwooferless. 4.700.000,-

Yamaha NS-SW300 Produk Baru
Yamaha NS-SW300 A design combining superior operability and beauty. And introducing a new technology, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. A subwoofer that will match a wide range of speakers and interiors. 3.900.000,-

Polk Audio PSW110 Produk Diskon
Polk Audio PSW110 How Low Can You Go? Need a slightly smaller sub than the PSW125? PSW110 is the answer. Featuring all the technologies and benefits as its bigger brother, it's a little smaller but more affordable with a 10" woofer and 100 watt continuous/200 watt peak amplifier. Available in Black or Cherry finish matching your decor. Fill in your system's lows with PSW110. 3.700.000,-

Cambridge Audio SX120 ( Black ) Produk Diskon Produk Baru
Cambridge Audio SX120 ( Black ) The SX-120 subwoofer was designed from the ground up by our engineers in London, with a custom-designed 8-inch driver and a powerful 70W RMS amplifier. Components were hand picked by our in-house engineers and then painstakingly voiced to provide premium sound quality. 3.500.000,-

Wharfedale Diamond 10.SX Produk Diskon
Wharfedale Diamond 10.SX he SX-Sub is a really good sub at a surprisingly affordable price. The in-house built 8" bass driver is quick and punchy, yet fast enough to deliver even obscured detail. The built-in 150W amplifier delivers deep extension and taut bass keeping the woofer under tight control. Like the rest of the Diamond series the SX-Sub’s cabinet is sturdy and well-braced, eliminating resonance. The SX-Sub is unobtrusive, measuring just under a cubic foot. Small footprint, big power, great price, that’s Wharfedale’s SX-Sub. 3.000.000,-

Yamaha YST-SW216 Produk Laris
Yamaha YST-SW216 Sets the standard for subwoofers in this class with high dynamic power and low-noise performance thanks to Advanced YST II, a Linear Port, frontfiring design and other sophisticated features. 2.500.000,-

Yamaha YST-SW012 Produk Diskon
Yamaha YST-SW012 Yamaha's Advanced YST II, Linear Port and front-firing design give this subwoofer an outstanding combination of power, depth and clarity. 1.800.000,-

Monitor Audio Gold GXW15
Monitor Audio Gold GXW15 CALL FOR PRICE

Boston Acoustics ASW 650
Boston Acoustics ASW 650 Front-Firing 10" 650-Watt Peak Powered Subwoofer that features:. High-contrast finish with scratch resistant high gloss panels for stunning good looks. CALL FOR PRICE

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