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AUDIOBANK ALPHA X AMPLIFIER This device is a two channel DSP karaoke power amplifier, with multiple functions, flexible configuration and easy to use. Suitable for all kinds of professional performance hall, KTV room and home karoke. Rp 4.500.000,-

Audiobank Prime X Karaoke Amplifier Audiobank Produk Baru Produk Laris
Audiobank Prime X Karaoke Amplifier Audiobank Audiobank Prime X is an analogue karaoke Amplifier from the Prime series . That is especially created for the karaoke compact living in with LCD display and many other compact features to ease you whenever you want to set the setup for having a great karaoke experience. Rp 3.600.000,-

BIK Amplifier BPR-8000 Produk Baru Produk Laris
BIK Amplifier BPR-8000 BIK Amplifier BPR-8000 Rp 10.125.000,-

BIK BA-66Ⅱ Produk Diskon
BIK BA-66Ⅱ Analogue Amplifier 12" Rp 10.625.000,-

BIK BA-77 Produk Diskon
BIK BA-77 Analogue Amplifier Rp 11.900.000,-

BIK BJ-A99Ⅱ Produk Diskon
BIK BJ-A99Ⅱ Analogue Amplifier Rp 12.920.000,-

BIK power amplifier BPA 820 Produk Baru Produk Laris
BIK power amplifier BPA 820 BPA-620 Rp 17.550.000,-

JBL RMA 220A Produk Diskon
JBL RMA 220A JBL RMA 220A Power Mixer Rp 9.500.000,-

JBL RMA 330 2x 250w Karaoke Power Mixer CALL FOR PRICE

Nakamichi NSX-D15 Produk Diskon
Nakamichi NSX-D15 Karaoke Processor with DSP, EQ, KEY CONTROL. Pengaturan via aplikasi apple (audio-pk) Rp 4.500.000,-

Nakamichi NTX-305 Produk Diskon
Nakamichi NTX-305 Karaoke Power Amplifier 2x 400w (8 ohm) Rp 5.250.000,-

Nakamichi NVX-D305 Produk Diskon
Nakamichi NVX-D305 Power Mixer Nakamichi 2x300watt (8 ohm) & pengaturan via aplikasi apple (audio-pk). fitur lengkap pengaturan echo, equalizer dan lain lain. Rp 7.250.000,-

Yamaha KMA-1080 Produk Diskon
Yamaha KMA-1080 Top quality karaoke amp benefit from Yamaha’s long audio experience to deliver clear, sweet sound that is ideal for singers’ voices. No worries about distortion of howling, and they feature great Echo Modes. Rp 8.500.000,-

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