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SpeakersBookshelf Speaker › Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak

Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak

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Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak

Wharfedale- Jade 3 Black oak


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Wharfedale Jade 3 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Uncompromising Sound at a Huge Savings: "Flawless" Wharfedale Jade 3 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Play With High-Frequency Precision, Reference-Caliber Extension, and Authoritative Lows

The biggest of the Jade bookshelf speakers, the Wharfedale Jade 3 boasts the exceptional high-frequency capabilities, delicate precision, and reference-caliber extension of its smaller cousin. Similarly, this three-way bookshelf model superbly presents nuances, microharmonics, transients, and intricacies. Yet Jade 3 also plumbs the lower frequencies with more authority, control, and grace than its sibling. Whether playing back vocal jazz, electronic music, large-scale symphonies, or rafter-shaking metal, you get realism, immediacy, tonality, deep-down speed, cohesiveness, and naturalism as well as firm, taut bass and the ability to seriously rock out. And you get it for a substantially discounted price that's far less than what is normally charged for a speaker of such magnitude. 100% Music Direct Money-Back Guaranteed.

"Wharfedale's flawless – and remarkable – Jade 3 punches way beyond its price. In fact, I'd recommend that anyone with a speaker budget of up to $5000/pair consider the Jade 3."

Standout Transparency, Neutrality, and Purity
Purity separates the finest loudspeakers from the very good. Very few designs feature it to the extent where a component adds no aural signature, timbre, or distortion to the source material. Wharfedale's Jade Series is built upon such a principle. We're talking serious transparency, utter neutrality, and phenomenal voicing. Sonic holography that brings you to the recording studio or concert stage. Instruments and vocals placed in their own distinct spaces. All without interference, artificiality, or imbalance. Uncompromising speakers for uncompromising listeners, Jade 3 features extraordinary audiophile-level performance and smart looks.

"When the time came to move from one favorite source to another, I was always reluctant to make the change - I was having so much fun with the disc spinning in the player that I didn't want it to stop. If that's not enough to justify giving the Wharfedale Jades a high recommendation, I don't know what is."
– Thomas J. Norton, Home Theater

Engineering Advances for a Better Listening Experience
Restless innovators, Wharfedale introduces several technologically savvy implements in the Jade 3. Using every available tool at its disposal, the company turned to computer-aided modeling and precision-based engineering in coming up with a perfectionist-minded design. The Jade 3 cone is comprised of Acufiber, which marries the responsiveness of glass and carbon fiber within a self-damping woven matrix, nullifies coloration and breaks up standing waves. A groundbreaking linear drive motor system, sealed-box cabinet loading, and proprietary Crystalam cabinets also contribute to the speaker's incredible efficiency and resonance-free sound.

A Speaker You'll Be Proud to Showcase, and a Guarantee You'll Love
Realizing that most modern music lovers want both gorgeous sound and looks, Wharfedale ensured the Jade 3 possesses a stylish appearance that could warrant it an invite to a fashion show. This is a speaker you'll be proud to showcase in your home for many years to come. Curved cabinets and svelte lines make the Jade 3 a head-turner that simultaneously blends into the surroundings. Factor in Music Direct's 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and you've every reason to get a pair of Jade 3s into your life.

Enclosure Type: 3-way closed-box system
Drive Units
   1 x 1" Alu high frequency dome
   1 x 3" Alu-pulp composite midrange cone
   1 x 7" Acufibre bass cone
Frequency Response: 45Hz – 24kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity: (2.83V @ 1M) 86dB
A/V shielded: no
Crossover Frequency: 350Hz, 2.8kHz
Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
Recommended amplifier power: 30 - 150W
Dimensions (HWD): 17" x 9.7" x 15.75"
Net weight 26 lbs. each
Accessories: rubber feet; optional stand available

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