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Denon DP-A100

Denon DP-A100


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The history of Denon turntables commenced in 1910 with the production of Japan’s first gramophone and peaked in 1939 when Denon developed a disc recorder for NHK. Denon turntables were used not only by general users but by many radio stations professionals as well. In 1970, Denon developed its own high-torque AC motor for low speeds where speed was controlled by highly precise detection of magnetic pulses recorded around the perimeter of the platter. Denon incorporated this epoch-making servo technology in its development of the direct-drive turntable whose high performance and reliability represented a clear break from conventional idler and belt drive products, and earned Denon a solid position as the brand for players used at radio stations.

In the following year, the turntable was adapted for consumer use, and Denon, which continued to produce direct-drive players, became an unforgettable brand of analog players among audio enthusiasts. The DP-A100 player is being released as a Denon anniversary model with the same high-performance Denon direct-drive turntable technology that has delivered cogging-free, high-precision rotation for 40 years. Equipped with the DL-A100 cartridge, the DP-A100 is capable of masterfully reproducing the energy and beauty of analog discs.

The Signatures of Quality.

The DP-A100 features the 100th anniversary logo badge, and comes with a 5-year warranty and a signed certificate of authenticity from the chief production engineer who hand crafted the product. Also included is the DL-A100 cartridge and a beautiful Denon “brand book” that explores the history of one of the leading names in the audio-visual field.


Phono Motor Section

  • Drive system: Quartz lock servo control direct drive system
  • Speed: 33-1/3, 45 rpm
  • Speed deviation: 0.002% or less
  • Wow & flutter: 0.1% or less (wrms)
  • Rotation stability time: 0.3 sec. or less to reach normal speed
  • Turntable platter: Aluminum Diecast, 331 mm (treated with silicon rubber on reverse side to absorb vibration)
  • Load characteristics: 0% (under stylus pressure 80 g)

Tone-arm Section

  • Type: Static balance type, light weight S-shaped tone arm
  • Effective length: 244 mm, 9.6 inch
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