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Chord Indigo Plus (1 m)

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Chord Indigo Plus (1 m) Chord Indigo Plus (1 m)

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Chord Indigo Plus (1 m)


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Chord Indigo Plus technical Information

Like the Signature Plus the Chord Indigo Plus is fitted with a acrylic plug casing, precision machined to an exacting tolerance and polished to a mirror finish. Acrylic was chosen for its ability to control resonances around the RCA/phono plug contact areas, and in comparisons with conventional RCA/phono plugs, the combination of low mass contact area and the resonance damping acrylic plug casing produced a markedly cleaner and more detailed sound.

The Indigo Plus also benefits from the addition of a secondary multi-stranded, silver-plated return path. The multi-stranded, silver-plated signal and return paths used on the original Indigo remain and like the Indigo, the Indigo Plus will transmit signal information over an extremely wide bandwidth. The addition of the secondary return path brings improvements to timing, dynamics and detail as well as depth and sound staging. As with the Signature Plus, these improvements not only enhance the enjoyment of music but also contribute to the high fidelity performance of any system they are fitted to.

The Indigo Plus is capable of bringing dazzling clarity across the entire frequency range of a system.  Its ability to transmit micro-dynamic information so accurately at frequency extremes, coupled with its exceptional interference and noise rejection capabilities, makes the Chord Indigo Plus an ideal connection for anyone wishing to explore the potential performance that SACD, DVD audio, contemporary CD players and high end stand-alone phono stages are capable of producing.

Use it with:

The Chord Indigo Plus is a truly revealing cable that sets new standards for signal transmission across an extremely wide bandwidth. To hear what this cable can really do and the improvements it can bring, we would recommend using Chord Signature or Solstice speaker cable


Indigo Plus is available fitted with low mass, non compression, silver-plated RCA plugs and vibration damping acrylic plug surrounds.  Indigo Plus is also available in XLR balanced configuration.


The Signature Plus is available in 1 metre lengths.  For reasons of sound quality we do not recommend lengths shorter than 1 metre.  Custom lengths are available to order

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