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Cables & AccessoriesInterconnect Cable › Chord Chorus 2 XLR (1 m)

Chord Chorus 2 XLR (1 m)

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Chord Chorus 2 XLR (1 m)

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Chord Chorus 2 XLR (1 m)


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Chord Chorus 2 technical information


Introducing the Chord VEE plug

The Chord VEE plug uses a unique ABS enclosure to surround a low mass gold or silver-plated centre pin and signal return.  A  special non-compression cable clamp is also employed.  The VEE plug has a profound effect on the performance of all the cables it is fitted to.  Detail and definition are enhanced and pace, rhythm and timing improved.  



The Chorus 2 is the first interconnect in the Chord Company range to feature  the high frequency effective shielding system that was first used on the company’s ground breaking Signature interconnect.  Chorus 2 was recently subjected to a slight re-design that illustrates perfectly how our ongoing development of high end cables can influence the design of other cables throughout the range.  

The shielding system has been improved and the Teflon™ insulation is now a low density variant.  These are small changes that have brought a genuine improvement to performance.  Individual notes are more focused and easier to follow, drum beats are properly dynamic and the subtle resonances that make up a musical timbre are properly revealed.  Rhythms are presented coherently and complex rhythms are simpler to follow.

Use it with: 

The original Chord Chorus was almost always used with Odyssey speaker cable; the combination would help system deliver music in a big bold and dynamic manner, making for a thrilling and involving experience.  Chorus 2 builds on these qualities but the improved high frequency effective shielding makes it better able to carry even very fine dynamic information, making even subtle rhythmic changes easy to hear. 

Odyssey still remains a hugely popular speaker cable choice for use with the Chorus 2.  However, Chord Epic speaker cable, which shares its silver plated Teflon insulated conductors with Odyssey and borrows its shielding system from the Chord Signature speaker cable, produces stunning results, particularly in terms of note definition and dynamics.


The Chorus 2 is available fitted with silver-plated Chord VEE RCA plugs and Neutrik XLR balanced plugs with silver-plated contact areas.  The construction of the Chorus 2 cable is such that we are unable to fit Din plugs.


The Chorus 2 is available in 0.5 and 1 metre lengths.  Custom lengths are available to order.

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