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SpeakersSub Woofer › Polk Audio PSW110

Polk Audio PSW110

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Polk Audio PSW110

Polk Audio PSW110

Dimensi : 36.8 x 36.2 x 43.2 cm (H x W x D cm)
Berat : 17.2 kg
Harga : Rp 4.425.000,-
Rp 3.500.000,-  (disc. 20.9%)

/ unit
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Penjelasan Produk

How Low Can You Go?

Need a slightly smaller sub than the PSW125? PSW110 is the answer. Featuring all the technologies and benefits as its bigger brother, it's a little smaller but more affordable with a 10" woofer and 100 watt continuous/200 watt peak amplifier. Available in Black or Cherry finish matching your decor. Fill in your system's lows with PSW110.


PSW Series Features

Floor Coupled Port*

All woofers feature a floor coupled downward firing port. This configuration brings you maximum bass impact while keeping the front of the cabinet as low profile as possible.
*Except PSW10

Composite Woofer

We don't use cheap paper cardboard woofers. This is the real deal and part of why PSW Series subwoofers outperform the competition.

Klippel Optimized Woofer

By using a state-of-the-art Klippel Distortion Analyzer, Polk engineers were able to optimize the woofer's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension bringing you the best possible performance even at extreme listening levels. Click here for a technical explanation.

Dynamic Balance

A Polk perfected method of analyzing a speaker's microscopic behavior with laser Interferometry. Polk engineers can tune out unwanted resonance and distortion with the right combination of materials, geometry and construction techniques. This brings you pure, distortion free sound.

Multiple Hook Up Options

LFE*, line and speaker level inputs, and speaker level inputs allow easy connection to any system.
*Except PSW10 & PSWi225

Intelligent Amplifier

PSW Series subwoofers use intelligent amplifiers. This means, not only can they put gobs of power to your woofer, they'll use very little power at low volumes or standby mode.

Sturdy Feet

Keeps the sub from sliding across the floor when played at high volumes.

Loud and Low Rated

Polk home subwoofers are provided with CEA-2010 "Loud and Low" Spec. What does this mean? Instead of using the usual "inches and watts" method, we've leveled the playing field so you can easily and accurately compare the performance of different subwoofers measured the same way. For more information on what this means click here







Driver Complements

Subwoofer 1 - 10" Diameter (25.40cm)
Dynamic Balance Polymer Composite cones
1 - 8" Diameter (20.32cm)
Dynamic Balance Composite Cone
1 - 10" Diameter (25.40cm)
Dynamic Balance Composite Cone
1 - 12" Diameter (30.48cm)
Dynamic Balance Composite Cone


Loud & Low Specs(CEA2010)


  • db


  • db


  • 115.5 db


  • 75.4 db


  • 114.6 db


  • 86.7 db


  • 118 db


  • 90.5 db
Dynamic Power 100 watts 300 watts 200 watts 300 watts
Continuous Power 50 watts 150 watts 100 watts 150 watts
Overall Frequency Response 35Hz - 200Hz 38Hz-250Hz 32Hz-250Hz 32Hz-225Hz
Lower -3dB Limit 40Hz dB 42 Hz dB 38 Hz dB 34 Hz dB
Upper -3dB Limit 160Hz dB dB dB dB
variable 80Hz - 160Hz 60Hz-120Hz 60HZ-160HZ 60Hz-110Hz
Inputs Speaker level, line level Speaker level spring terminals, Line level L&R, LFE line level (unfiltered) Speaker level spring terminals, Line level L&R, LFE line level (unfiltered) Speaker level spring terminals, Line level L&R, LFE line level (unfiltered)
Outputs Speaker level Speaker level spring terminals Speaker level spring terminals Speaker level spring terminals


Cabinet Size 14 3/8" H x 14" W x 16 1/8" D
(36.51cm H x 35.56cm W x 40.96cm D)
12 1/8" H x 11" W x 13" D
(30.80cm H x 27.94cm W x 33.02cm D)
14 1/2" H x 14 1/4" W x 17" D
(36.83cm H x 36.20cm W x 43.18cm D)
16 1/2" H x 16 1/4" W x 19 1/8" D
(41.91cm H x 41.27cm W x 48.58cm D)
Enclosure Type
Vented via front panel flared port Vented, Downward Firing Port Vented, Downward Firing Port Vented, Downward Firing Port


Product Weight 26.00 lbs. (11.79kgs) 20.30 lbs. (9.21kgs) 33.50 lbs. (15.20kgs) 40.10 lbs. (18.19kgs)
Shipping unit: each each each each
Total Shipping Weight 30.00 lbs. (13.61kgs) lbs. (0.00kgs) lbs. (0.00kgs) lbs. (0.00kgs)
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