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SpeakersSoundbar › Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019)

Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019)

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Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019) Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019) Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019) Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019)

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Yamaha YSP-1400 (Mei Sale 2019)

Harga : Rp 4.490.000,-
Rp 3.400.000,-  (disc. 24.28%)

/ Set
Jumlah : pc(s)

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 0816 716 248 (Andrew)

CP : Andrew

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 08 1122 8280 (Ronald)

CP : Ronald

Penjelasan Produk

Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha YSP-1400



Real Surround Sound, the Easy Way

Experience real 5.1-channel surround sound with Yamaha’s exclusive Digital Sound Projector technology. The YSP-1400 features dual built-in subwoofers for deep, rich bass and Bluetooth® wireless technology that lets you quickly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Overview :

  • Digital Sound Projector technology delivers real surround sound
  • All-in-one design keeps your room clutter-free
  • Dual built-in subwoofers for deep, rich bass
  • Bluetooth® wireless music streaming from a smartphone or tablet
  • Easy set-up with a single-cable connection
  • Free control app available for Apple® iOS and Android™ devices
  • Learning feature lets you use your TV remote for power on/off and volume control
  • TV Remote Repeater for reliable remote control
  • Clear Voice makes dialogue easy to hear
  • UniVolume™ keeps programs and ads at a consistent volume level



Immerse Yourself in Real Surround Sound

Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors create actual (not virtual) surround sound by producing beams of sound that reflect off the walls in controlled directions, delivering an amazingly immersive experience. The position of the beams can be adjusted for your listening location by using the included remote control or a free downloadable app.

All-in-One Design Keeps Your Room Clutter-Free

No need for a separate subwoofer unit! The YSP-1400 is equipped with eight array speakers on the front and two down-firing subwoofers integrated into the feet of the sound bar. Combined, they deliver sound with exceptional power and presence.

Dual Built-in Subwoofers Deliver Clear, Rich Bass

With large 3-1/4” subwoofer drivers built into the feet of the sound bar combined with high-rigidity bass reflex ducts and a large-volume cabinet, the YSP-1400 delivers clear, rich and deep bass for movie sound effects and music. The independent right and left channel configuration provides superior sound imaging.

Compatible with Various Surround Sound Formats

The YSP-1400 is compatible with popular surround sound formats, such as Dolby® Digital and DTS Digital Surround™, so you get the full effect of multichannel movie sound.

Four CINEMA DSP Programs

Yamaha’s ultra-sophisticated CINEMA DSP technology creates thrillingly realistic soundscapes in any room. You can select four different program, including movie, music, sports and game.

Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Fill your home with music the quick and easy way! Stream music from Bluetooth-compatible smartphones, tablets and computers. The YSP-1400 can also be set in Bluetooth standby mode, enabling the bar’s power to turn on or off automatically for energy-saving convenience.

Single Cable for Easy Connection

In a typical installation, the YSP-1400 connects to a TV via a single cable, so setup is quick and easy. Two digital inputs types are available, one optical and one coaxial. In addition, the YSP-1400 offers two analog inputs (3.5 mm stereo and a dual RCA) allowing it to accommodate additional audio sources if desired.

Free Control App for Easy Operation

The YSP-1400 is compatible with a Home Theater Control App (HT Controller), available for free download for Apple® iOS and Android™ devices. The app makes it easy to control the sound bar via a Bluetooth connection, including input selection, surround modes and detailed settings for the sound beams.

Single Cable for Easy Connection

The YSP-1400 connects to a TV via a single cable, so setup is quick and easy. It provides two digital input terminals (optical/coaxial).

TV Remote Repeater for Signal Transmission

Even if the YSP-1400 blocks the TV’s remote control signal, the TV Remote Repeater on the back transmits the signal to the TV so operation is not affected.

Learning Function Allows Operation with the TV Remote Control

The YSP-1400 can “learn” the TV remote control operation, so you can use the TV remote control to turn the YSP-1400 on and off and to adjust its volume.

Clear Voice Makes Dialogue and Narrations Easy to Hear

Clear Voice raises the level of dialogue and narrations while maintaining overall sound quality. Movies and TV shows, sports commentary and news broadcasts are more clearly audible.

UniVolume™ Maintains the Same Volume Level

This welcome feature, made possible by Yamaha-developed technology, maintains a consistent volume level between different channels, programs, commercials and input sources. It can be switched on and off.

Slim Design with Beautiful Black Finish

With a rich, glossy-black finish and a slim design, the YSP-1400 complements the look of your flat-screen TV and fits neatly in front of it.



Front Surround System

General Output Channel 5.1-channel
Output Power 76 W total power: 2 W x 8 beam drivers + 30 W x 2 subwoofers
Power Consumption 24 W
Standby Power Consumption 0.5 W
Beam Drivers 1-1/8” x 8 beam drivers
Woofers Dual 3-1/4” subwoofers
Dimensions (W x H x D) 39-3/8” x 3-3/4” x 5-1/4” (With brackets: 5-1/2”)
Weight 9.5 lbs.
Input / Output Digital Optical 1 in
Digital Coaxial 1 in
Analog Audio 2 in (Stereo 3.5 mm, dual RCA)
Sound Technology Surround Technology Digital Sound Projector
CINEMA DSP Entertainment 2 (Sports, game)
UniVolume Yes
Audio Formats Dolby Digital Yes
DTS Yes (DTS Digital Surround™)
Connectivity Wireless Music Streaming Yes (With Bluetooth®)
Other Features App Control Yes
TV Remote Repeater Yes
Learning Function Yes
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